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 Rules of Club Penguin World

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PostSubject: Rules of Club Penguin World   Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:45 pm

Welcome to Club Penguin World! Here are the rules that you should obey in this forum:

1. No spamming
That means you should never post anything that is stupid, pointless, and abuse messages.

2. No advertising
Please if you want to advertise, do this in your signature, if we found out that you have via PMed your forums/site to anyone, you will be banned!

3. No flaming/Popularity Contests.
Please don't flame anyone, or even be rude to them, espcially don't be rude to the staff.

4. Do not back seat mod
Don't pretend to be a moderator when your not. Like don't post "please lock this thread" or "this thread is not needed", because that's a back seat mod.

5. Don't double post
Don't post twice in a row, in an other meaning, wait until someone posts after you, then you can post again.

6. Don't post inappropriate pictures/langauge
Don't post adult materials, or anything that is considered offensive.

7. No Hacking/Cheating Discussion
Don't post anyting about cheating or links to third party programs. This also includes password sharing.

8. Staff


9. Don't not ask to be a moderator or an administrator
If you do ask, you will lose your chance to be one.

10. Rooms
These rooms can be only accessed by certain amount of posts.

11. The forums are copyrighted!
If you steal anything or any idea, you will be at first asked kindly to remove them but if you didn't respond/remove, we will need to contact the administrator of the forumotion boards.

12. Infractions:
If you get 5-8 infractions then you are Perma-Banned.

13. Pretending to have badges while you dont
If you do that you will get an infraction for lying and cheating.

If you have any other questions please private message an Administrator
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Rules of Club Penguin World
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